• The Stakes Just Got Higher For Wealth Management Firms

    A new report finds that a staggering amount of multigenerational wealth is expected to transfer in the coming years—far more than previous reports have anticipated. What can firms do now to prepare their advisors on the front lines of managing client wealth and changing expectations?

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  • Where to Suggest Clients Hold a Family Meeting?

    As a Trusted Family Advisor, you've told your clients why it's important to hold a family meeting. But what if they ask, "Where is best?"

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  • Business As Usual Has Its Risks

    The likelihood of losing a very good client along with the ability to retain the assets of the inheriting generation is very real. What should advisors do now to protect their futures and gain competitive advantage?

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  • A Shift in Focus Brings in New HNW Business

    A Texas wealth advisor always had a “preparing wealth for heirs” focus in his practice, but since he has added “preparing heirs for wealth” to the advice he gives clients, his HNW business has grown. Learn how he did it.

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  • The Key to Raising Responsible Owners of Wealth

    Imagine… you build a successful business enterprise through years of hard work. You decide to retire and place the enterprise in the hands of new management. . . .

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  • The Role of Beneficiary: New Thinking Shows Great Promise

    Educated beneficiaries are a boon to trustees. But the learning needs to begin early, and trusted advisors can play an important role.

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  • Women And Wealth: A Wake-Up Call For Financial Advisors

    Affluent women are emerging as a large and significant force when it comes to controlling family wealth. What’s behind this trend and why should financial advisors pay attention?

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  • What Keeps Affluent Parents Awake at Night . . . And What Wealth Advisors Need to Know Today

    It may come as a surprise to many wealth advisors that what keeps their affluent clients awake at night is not whether they will leave their children enough money but rather, the impact of that money on the future well-being of their children.

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  • The Role of Trustee: Bringing The Human Factor to The Role

    The human factor is becoming increasingly important when selecting a trustee . . . someone who has a sense of the intent of the benefactor and the needs of the beneficiaries.

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  • Role Of Executor: New Thinking Your Clients Need to Know

    At one time or another, many of your clients are faced with a request from a colleague, friend or family member: “I’d like you to be my executor.” Before answering “yes," clients need to know what the role involves, and more importantly, if they can fulfill the duties in a manner that honors the requestors’ intents and the law. On the flip side, clients choosing executors now have access to new thinking when it comes to their beneficiaries and the future of their families.

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  • Executors, Trustees & Beneficiaries: Honoring The Intent, The Law And Emerging Trends

    “OVER 30 YEARS AGO, my mother asked me to be the executor of her estate. Her request deeply honored me and I offered a knee jerk response, respectfully and dutifully saying, ‘Of course, Mom.' I was not thinking carefully before I answered her. I thought this was going to be a simple, easily made decision.” - Paul Schwan, from the Foreword of a soon-to-be-released book from the Institute for Preparing Heirs entitled, Executors, Trustees & Beneficiaries: Honoring The Intent, The Law and Emerging Trends.

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  • Generational Wealth Transfer in Affluent Families: How Wealth Advisors Benefit From Training

    Excellent money management is no longer the differentiator it has been in the past with affluent families. Parents have said that they are most concerned about a smooth and successful transfer of assets to their heirs and beneficiaries, and are looking for a trusted advisor who brings more than financial advising. Parents want an advisor who brings a broader definition of wealth to the client/advisor relationship and is able to address the non-financial topics that are critical to successful wealth transfer. Parents even are asking their advisors to help teach their children financial responsibility. What’s an advisor to do?

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  • Holiday Family Meeting: Start a New Tradition for Your Clients

    The holiday season is a great time for trusted advisors to introduce clients to the benefits of having a family meeting around the topic of charitable giving—and offer guidance and resources to help the family make the most of their time together.

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  • Client Gifts: How to Use Books to Connect With The Entire Family

    At the Institute for Preparing Heirs, our experience tells us that families appreciate and value gifts they can use to engage, and share with, their children and grandchildren. A wrapped box of chocolates or a decorative tin of fancy nuts are wonderful thoughtful gifts, but why not try something new this year?

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  • The Future of Wealth Management is Here

    Enlightened financial advisors are stepping up to a new level of wealth management. While tech companies rush to bring the first driverless car to market, the same sense of urgency is driving the financial services industry in the wake of The Great Wealth Transfer. How, what and when financial advice is delivered to clients is driving enlightened financial advisors to re-focus their efforts to meet changing client expectations and needs head-on with new knowledge, new tools, and new training.

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