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Achieving The New Gold Standard for Wealth Advisors

The Institute for Preparing Heirs®  was formed in 2009 to address a void in the advice and services wealth advisors were delivering to successful clients on the topic of generational wealth planning, in light of the historic levels of wealth transfer underway. While at that time, there was discussion about the magnitude of the wealth transfer, no one had tools or processes to help families manage this transfer effectively.

Moreover, much of the discussion about the transfer suggested that it would likely include an unacceptably high level of failed transfers (where the receiving generation failed to become effective custodians of the family wealth) – thereby raising serious concerns without any specific means of addressing these concerns. Also of concern was the loss of retention of heir families, by the advisor, following the wealth transfer.

"The most valuable asset of the Institute's training is in the tools and the understanding of their use."   
Jason B., CFA, CIMA Wealth Advisor

The Institute’s core focus has been on developing, testing and refining tools along with processes to train advisors to take the next step to Trusted Family Advisor®. We conceived of, and trademarked, this term to describe an advisor who is able to develop meaningful and impactful relationships with the entire family and address the family’s need to be prepared for the successful transition of wealth.

The Institute’s training and tools are designed to be add-ons to the advisor’s current wealth management process – moving conversations easily from money matters to family matters (not taking on the role of psychologist or family therapist, but knowing when to make a referral for a specialized family consultant).

In addition, the Institute has redefined:

  • "Family" to include individuals, couples and families

  • “Client” to include the entire family, spouses, children and grandchildren

  • "Family wealth" to include more than money 

These broader definitions have proven to be foundational to the evolution from the trusted wealth advisor to Trusted Family Advisor® .


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The Institute for Preparing Heirs (IPH) is a service firm and does not sell any financial products and does not provide any legal, tax or investment advice. 



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