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Our Topics

Your Estate Plan is Set, But is Your Family Prepared?
Hear how family dynamics play a critical role in the single biggest decision a successful family will face . . . transitioning wealth to heirs. Studies show that 70% of all family wealth transitions are unsuccessful. Family assets are lost and family harmony is disrupted--sometimes permanently. What's really behind this statistic and is your family at risk?

This workshop follows 10 inheritance conversations families can have now to prepare for successful wealth transfer. Each conversation, along with family guidelines are included in our Family Workbook.


Families who attend this workshop leave with a copy of the Institute's Family Workbook. Families use this Workbook to include their children in the estate planning process which begins with the inheritance conversations.



A Briefing For Women: Assuming The Mantle of Family Financial Leadership
This presentation was created for the generations of women who have or will one day assume responsibiity for the family wealth . . . beyond the money. Learn why women represent one of the most significant growth opportunities for trusted advisors. Discover actions and new tools women can use today to prepare for their financial leadership roles tomorrow . . .  and their children to manage inheritance. 

Family Financial Fitness: What Shape is Your Family in?
This presentation lays out a clear pathway for families to prepare for their financial future, including tools and actions they can take today. Learn specific opportunities to prepare children for the responsibility that comes with wealth and how to measure a family's financial readiness for successful wealth transition.

Advisors use this topic to:

  • Meet members of the entire client family

  • Engage new affluent families

  • Expand their centers of influence by inviting estate attorneys, CPA's and other advisors who work with successful families

We tailor our presentation for your audience:

  • One-hour in length which includes time for questions
  • Easily customized to your specific event
  • We'll even do a dial-in conference call briefing or webinar

Our Speakers

We are experts in matters of family dynamics and its impact on successful wealth transfer in the era of what we refer to as, The Great Wealth Transfer.  Speakers include the author of the highly acclaimed books, Preparing Heirs; Philanthropy, Heirs & Values; and the Institute's book, Family Meetings. 


Guide to Hosting an Exceptional Client Event

Download our 2-page Guide with everything you need to know to host an exceptional client event from tips to selecting the perfect venue, choosing a great topic and finding the right speaker to scheduing when to send invitations and the importance of following up. Download here

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