What Clients Say

“I see this training program as not only a retention tool, but as a business development tool. No one in the industry is providing these kinds of tools and resources.”

“This crystallizes advanced wealth management. Shows us how to take our practice to the next level.”


“After 25 years as a wealth advisor, this training has changed my priorities. My client is now the entire family and my focus as their trusted advisor includes the future well-being of their children.”

“Your workshop opened my eyes and changed my view of estate planning forever.”


“This is a topic that my high-net-worth families want to know more about.”

“The Institute’s holistic approach of family wealth management is crucial to maintaining a long-term relationship with families. This allows wealth advisors access to the family, thus giving opportunities to meet with heirs and increase the probability of keeping assets among multiple generations.”


“Having been in this business for more than 30 years and possessing a reputation for legendary customer service, I almost felt like a child at the Institute for Preparing Heirs workshop because I relished every morsel of information from the superb speakers and the brilliant participants. I think my return on investment of time and effort to prepare and attend will be measured in the thousands of percent.”

“It is my understanding that no one in the industry, whether it be other professional advisors in the legal or accounting community, or other wealth advisor firms, is providing these kinds of resources to affluent and ultra high net worth clients.”


“Congratulations again for a workshop that far exceeded everyone’s highest expectations by such a wide margin.”

“I walked away excited and very hopeful for the added dimension I can now add to our best client relationships.”

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