Copyright & Permissions

A great deal of personal resources, time, thought, and effort have been invested in building the foundation for the Institute for Preparing Heirs. It is never easy to be the first to lead the way in any field, which is what we have done with generational wealth transfer. We own the trademark for “The Great Wealth Transfer®” and “The Trusted Family Advisor®.” All of the material we use in our workshops, programs, processes, content and tools were developed over many years and is original Institute for Preparing Heirs copyrighted content.

While we want our work to be used, there are some standards for use of intellectual property that we would like to clarify, and ask that anyone using our work in publication (print or electronic) or one-on-one setting honor the following:

  1. Institute for Preparing Heirs content is copyrighted. We request that when using our content (e.g. program descriptions, processes, agendas, tools, etc.), do so with proper attribution and only as is, without rewording, adding or abbreviating the descriptions of the levels and always including the following copyright information:  ©2019 Institute for Preparing Heirs, all rights reserved.

  2. As a participant in our workshops and presentations, you are welcome to use the tools and handouts with clients in one-to-one settings. All these materials are copyrighted, so you can use them as is, without revising or rewriting, and make sure the copyright line is visible on the page.

  3. You do not have permission to use our materials to train other advisors except as trained and licensed in our train-the-trainer and licensing programs.

  4. You may quote brief portions of our writings (e.g. blog posts), if you use quotation marks to set off the specific information you are using. Do not change any wording, and attribute the source “Institute for Preparing Heirs.”

  5. You may share ideas from our workshops under U.S “fair use” copyright law. We are not granting permission to re-use our specific processes, tools, and/or training techniques except as trained and licensed in our train the trainer and licensing program. Please also do us the courtesy of referencing where you learned what you are sharing!

  6. PowerPoint slide decks from our workshops and presentations are for your reference only. You do not have permission to use any of these slides in your own presentations.

  7. For permission to reprint or republish any of our materials, processes, blog posts, etc. please contact us.

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