Wealth Transfer Training
for Advisors
The Missing Link in Wealth Management
presenter with questions from the audience
Wealth Transfer Training
for Advisors
Created by Advisors for Advisors
presenter with questions from the audience
Wealth Transfer Training
for Advisors
   Move From Money Matters to Family Matters
presenter with questions from the audience
Wealth Transfer Training
for Advisors
Create a Legacy for Yourself & Your Clients

Are You and Your Team Ready for The Great Wealth Transfer®?

It’s a new age in wealth management. As Baby Boomers age, their financial needs continue to evolve. Discerning advisors know they must adapt to these changes. Your ongoing success depends on the role you play as clients transition family wealth to next generations. To retain your best relationships and cultivate new ones, you must become your clients’ most Trusted Family Advisor®.

“The shift in wealth will reshape the wealth management landscape over the next quarter century and will force advisors to alter their existing models and service.”

                                                       — Cerulli Associates, 2018

What We Offer

Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary
The Gold Standard in Wealth Advisor Training 


Created by wealth advisors, the Institute for Preparing Heirs is the original training and development firm for advisors helping families plan for successful wealth transfer. 

After more than a decade, we’ve distinguished ourselves by our thoughtful approach to learning and idea sharing. Professionals learn by doing. We’ve designed a collaborative experience that fosters advisor confidence and inspires them to move client conversations from money matters to family matters. 

If you’re looking for a proven pathway from trusted advisor to Trusted Family Advisor®, let’s talk!


“Successful advisors all share the same two traits— the humility to prepare and the confidence to execute.” 

                                                           — Lisa D. Snyder, Chief Learning Officer, Institute for Preparing Heirs

Who Hires Us


Do your client conversations go beyond asset allocation and balance sheet?

Wealth Advisors & Family Offices

What is your differentiator in a marketplace rife with competition?

Insurance Providers

Does your advice foster efficient and effective wealth transfers to beneficiaries?

Private Banks

Do your advice, services, and resources prepare assets and heirs for successful wealth transition?

In the News

CFA Society of NYC Hosts Institute for Preparing Heirs​

Lisa D. Snyder, Chief Learning Officer, presented “Legacy & Impact — Helping Clients Take Care of The People & Causes They Love” to members of the Private Wealth Management Group of the CFA Society of NYC.  According to Lisa, “Legacy and impact are not optional. If families want to thrive for generations to come, the time to prepare beneficiaries ...

“Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves in Three Generations” Podcast With Institute for Preparing Heirs’ Lisa Snyder

Listen to a insightful interview with Lisa Snyder, Chief Learning Officer, on successful wealth transfer for The Retirement Café podcast. Listen here 


Disinheriting Your Children Might Be For Their Own Good

Institute for Preparing Heirs quoted in today's Financial Times. With its television series Succession, HBO has given the world the change-of-generations corporate drama it never knew it needed. Logan Roy, the aging founder and chief executive of Waystar Royco, a media and entertainment conglomerate, is thinking of stepping down. But which ...

The Stakes Just Got Higher For Wealth Management Firms

According to a new report from Cerulli Associates, 45 million U.S. households are expected to transfer $68 trillion over the next 25 years. Previous reporting from Boston College estimated $40 trillion in transfers over the approximate same time period.

Another important finding from Cerulli: 70% of the amount transferring to heirs and charities ...

What Keeps Affluent Parents Awake at Night

It may come as a surprise to many wealth advisors that what keeps their affluent clients awake at night is not whether they will leave their children enough money but rather, the impact of that money on the future well-being of their children.

In 2007, Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy launched an ambitious four-year study, ...

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